Thursday, July 25, 2013


Sunday, a few of us decided to hop on a ferry and head to the island of Aegina for the day. Thank goodness Eleni knew enough Greek to get us around because otherwise we would have not gotten to do everything we did in one day! 

We got up and moving around 8AM. (very early I know!) We got on the metro (only 70 cents/ticket) and got down to the Port of Piraeus. We found the travel agency and got our tickets. We got on the boat and relaxed. The ride took around an hour and a half so Eleni and I just sat around talking and being goofy as usual while the others slept/ listened to music.

When we got to the island, we looked for a tour company, no such luck. I was like too bad we didn't go to the donkey island. So we talked to some people and they said to take a bus. Another no no. The bus system seemed sketchy and didnt give us enough time to get back. We began getting worried so we went up to a taxi driver. He said that we should get a ride to the Monastery and Temple of Afea, that there would be taxi's up there to take us back. We tried to get in his cab but he wasn't having it because there were five of us. It started looking like we were going to change our plans when another taxi driver showed up and asked where we wanted to go. Eleni explained that we just wanted to see both of the sites and he said he would take us. He explained that it would be 10 Euros each and we would have a certain amount of time at each stop and he would drive us from place to place. Perfect!

So we hopped in and we were off! First stop: Saint Nectarios' Monastery. (for more info read up on my older blog post from my birthday!). We got dropped off at the top of the hill and had to work our way down. It was cool because it was a Sunday so there was an actual service going on that we got to see a little bit of. After Saint Nectarios we got to go to the Temple of Afea (again for more info please check out older blog post from my last visit to the island). We got back down to the port and paid the taxi driver. Then we got lunch: another cheap appetizer day where we shared saganaki, Greek salad, fries, and bread, yummm! 

We had about 2-3 hours to kill before getting back on the ferry so we walked over to the beach. We stood with our feet in the water for awhile and then went over to a tiki bar. The girls all sat around and had a drink while John decided to go exploring a little bit. We all met up and got back on the ferry and went back to Athens! 

Us at the Temple of Afea! 

Saint Nectarios 

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  1. I love reading about your travels. Have a great time in Greece.
    Aunt Ann