Thursday, July 25, 2013

First Few Days of Classes

So last Thursday I finally started my first official Greek class (the other is an independent study) so I was very excited to get going! 

My professor is very nice, and as one of our friends said looks exactly like the Dos Equis man. Although he may not be the most interesting man in the world, he is filled with information and has already taught me so much about Greek policy. He is sometimes hard to understand, but the class is easy enough that I can keep up without too many problems.

Since it is such a short class, we don't have any tests we are graded on attendance, research, and a final paper. Whats nice is that the final paper can be on just about anything as long as we can relate it to some topic we've discussed in the class. That's great for me because I've decided to write my paper on the Athens 2004 Olympic Games!! Which coincidentally is similar to what I'm writing my final paper for my independent study on! Hooray! I'm excited to continue researching everything about the games and learn more about them!  

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